Holiday Camps

Want to try something new? Can not get enough of robotics? Want a head start on your competition robot?

Try one of our holiday camps. We cater to a variety of skills and ages. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear our next holiday release dates.

Under Construction

This beginners level workshop will introduce the VEX IQ product. Get familiar with the components. Learn about gears and gear ratios. Build a robot and learn how to control it.

Under Control

The beginners level workshops will introduce the Vex IQ sensors and how they can help control your robot. Use VexIQ Blocks to program your robot to perform actions autonomously.

The intermediate level workshop will build on your programming and analytical skills by automating increasingly difficult tasks requiring greater accuracy.

Vex Competition Camp

At this multi-day workshop where budding engineers, programmers and project managers will review the current competition. Explore the game rules and limitations to identify possible robot solutions and game strategies.

The students will undertake an iterative design cycle of designing, prototyping, testing, and refining. Learning important collaboration and communications skills along the way.

Students will be introduced to the Engineering Notebook and provided hints and tips on what should be documented.