2022 Program Costs

Double Lesson Incursion (1.5 hrs) $400 including GST.

Full Day Incursion (up to 6 lessons with breaks) $750 including GST.

Includes robotic equipment and robotic mentoring. Computers to be provided by school for incursions involving programming. Travel costs may apply for regional areas.

Robotics unit of enquiry mentoring support.

I don’t need to tell you the benefits of practicing anything over a period of time. So if you want to have an ongoing robotics mentoring to help with a PYP Unit of enquiry or a major project for a block of weeks please contact us to tailor a time table that suits you and a great price.

The Autobot STEM lab package consists of 6 x Double lessons

  • Lesson 1: Build
  • Lesson 2: Drive Forwards and Reverse
  • Lesson 3: Turning
  • Lesson 4: Changing velocity
  • Lesson 5: Vex IQ sensors
  • Lesson 6: Maze or obstacle course challenge.

The Vex IQ STEM labs are perfect for building skills and working at the students level.