Vex Robotics has recently released an online Virtual Reality platform to continue developing your VEXcode programming skills whilst you are learning from home. VEXcode VR uses block based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks, so it is a great introductory platform.

This is really cool, because as you create programs that you can test them straight away.

The simulation robot comes with:

  • A front and down eye allowing the colour of objects to be identified.
  • A Front distance sensor
  • An electromagnet to pick up disks
  • A built-in Gyro and location sensing.
  • A right and left bumper
  • Plus a pen

The Playgrounds (or simulation environment) options include:

  • A Grid map (robot starting in the bottom left corner)
  • Art Canvas (robot starting in the center of the page)
  • Disk Maze (robot starting on green start square)
  • Wall Maze (robot starting on green start square)
  • Number grid map (robot starting in the bottom left corner)
  • Disk Transport (robot starting in red home base)
  • Castle crasher (robot starting in the lower central location of map)

The cool thing about the Playgrounds is that the student can control the point of view as the robot runs through the code.

Vex Robotics have shared a bunch of ideas for students to try and find solutions to, however your imagination is really the limiting factor.

If your child is at home and feeling a little lost for things to do, why not introduce them to VEXcode VR. 

Dates and times for July holidays TBA. Contact us to register your interest.

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